Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (III)

Which jewelry has health-keeping function ? Today let’s talk about the last fourth kinds jewelry.

Tthe seventh one is urquoise. Turquoise is recognized at home and abroad “December Birthstone” for victory and success, “stone of success” and “lucky stone” reputation. It is said that it can put on enrichment, avoid evil, save peace and have wealth effect, can strengthen the courage, help calm and wide popularity, and can help people keep open and magnanimous personality, but also help people to be more likely to release the energy of love. The study of modern mineral medicine proved that turquoise contains a variety of trace elements needed by human body, long-term wearing can promote cell regeneration, enhance immunity, strong body, with illnesses from evil and stable mood and increase brain reaction force and other magic, wearing a turquoise long-term heat, anti-inflammatory, sedative, lower blood pressure and the special effects, especially have an effect on maintenance of bile.

The eight one is agate. Agate is one of Buddhist Shippo, since ancient times has been when the amulets, charms, friendly symbol of love and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, decoration and other negative energy. Put the right amount of agate placed under the pillow, help to sleep peacefully. Agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, let look good, eliminate obstacles, avoid impotence and infertility, partial orange red agate is the rectum, gastrointestinal effective use, can activate the viscera, prevent constipation, help eliminate toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose vein and the function of the slow, for women, long-term wear agate can make skin smooth, cheerful mood, enhance blood circulation, rosy lips, eyes’s brightness.

The ninth one is crystal.Crystal has a strong magnetic field, play a great role in soothing for the body’s inner structure. At the same time, in the early ancient crystal have been used to treat the pathological process, especially the role of crystal cold for tight pain better neural mechanisms have a soothing effect, through massage to blood circulation, the effect of external energy injection. Crystal, roughly divided into absorption of crystal and radioactive crystal, absorption of crystal can absorb some energy, radioactive crystal can release energy to attract some magnetic field. For the human body, is left into the right, so the left hand should wear to absorb the crystal, cultivate personal temperament, the right hand should wear divergent crystal, distribute personal temperament. pearl
The last one is pearl. Pearl medicine in China has more than 2000 years of history. Many acient books have clearly recorded the effect of pearl, such as Medical Records in Three Kingdoms, Materia Medica in Liang Dynasty, Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty, rtc.. In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen paid more attention to the pharmacological effects of Pearl and pearl that effects in skin, especially in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” wrote: “Pearl tastes salty, cold non-toxic, town center; pearl painted surface, a good color of moist. With the hand and foot, to skin faults; falling phlegm, diarrhea; in addition to surface spots, in addition to children surprised hot solution pox cure poison, make luster white “etc..

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Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (II)

Which jewelry has health-keeping function ? Today let’s continue to talk about it.


The fourth kind of jewelry is Emerald. According to analysis of modern biological, physical and chemical: many jades contains more than and 10 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese. The research results indicated that the Emerald silica containing about 58%, about 23%, about 13% of alumina oxide, calcium oxide 1%, Magnesium Oxide, a small amount of iron oxide composition, and contains trace elements of chromium, nickel, zinc, manganese, etc..  After long wear in the body, Emerald and human contact friction, trace elements will enter the body, the balance of the body’s trace element levels. Cases of zinc can activate the insulin that regulates energy metabolism, maintain the body’s immune function, promote children’s intellectual development, has the function of anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti distortion etc.. Manganese can fight free radicals on the human body caused by injury, involved in protein synthesis, promote blood circulation, accelerate the The new supersedes the old. and aging, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis etc..

The fifth one is jade. China is known as “jade country” reputation, the ancients regarded as something precious jade. According to legend, towards generations, imperial concubines can’t do health keeping without jades. Song Huizong was addicted to jade; favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang with jade in mounth to avoid summer; holding jade was blowing as the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, etc.. The ancient said: jade is a beautiful, sweet natured non-toxic. The various schools of Qigong masters agree that people are “fine, gas, God” Sambo, “gas” use is particularly prominent, while jade is the storage “gas” the most abundant material. Some people think that in researching the mechanism of jade, jade contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, wearing jade contains trace elements can be absorbed by human skin, a special “photoelectric effect” to stimulate energy, forming the equivalent electromagnetic field in a computer like resonator, resonance with the human body, so that help to the physiological function of a more coordinated operation.

The sixth one is amber. Amber has been given a tranquilizer gas function in Chinese medicine theory, and sterilization and prevent infectious diseases, so it would be made of fragrant incense ring or to use some powder to stop bleeding, burns or injury, but it is the most effective in the prevention of throat and its respiratory disease he so, often do pendant hanging in the throat near the wheel, in addition to have a fever, stomach discomfort also have a soothing effect, and can promote activation of liver and kidney cells, the black and red Succinum, can corresponding submarine wheel, can increase the reproductive capacity and organ function, to help both men and women.

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Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (I)

As the saying goes: people keep jade three years, the jade will keep them a whole life. Ancient people believe that jade is the essence of heaven and earth, can keep the “gas” most. Modern science is that the trace elements in jade beneficial to the human body, but also can be produced by the photoelectric to clear the meridians, regulate physiological functions. However, is wearing jade jewelry really good for health? Which jewelry has health-keeping function ?

jade jewelry

Since the emerald was discovered since then is regarded as magical power is evil, people will be used as a talisman, emerald talisman or religious ornaments, believe that it can resist the invasion of venomous serpents and wild beasts. In the middle ages, all kinds of jewelry in the record, emerald is a kind of treatment is strong gem, it has detoxifies effect, either European or Asian, they think it is specific to treat dysentery. In addition, it also has a good protective effect on the liver, can relieve eye fatigue.


The second one is tourmaline. The magnetic field sensitive groups: magnetic field sensitive person for power perception outside especially strong, is easily influenced by external forces, and these people’s psychology is very sensitive, who are particularly vulnerable to the influence of others, according to the weather and the surrounding environment can produce large changes of mood. However, tourmaline is beginning to wear will have strong cleaning effect, to help us clean the body of the negative energy, this kind of magnetic field sensitive people may be too much, some people will feel nausea and dizziness, but as long as you can overcome this stage, later will be able to experience the tourmaline gives you unlimited wonderful. Not sensitive to magnetic field groups: no sensitive magnetic field we can be divided into two groups, one is self-confidence strong, this kind of people say it is not suitable for we do not recommend it because wearing tourmaline, tourmaline can enhance self-confidence, this kind of person if wearing tourmaline would make the confidence expansion, then will become arrogant.

stone needle

The third one is stone needle. A stone is on his own implication of energy, to stimulate human potential, mainly rely on our own to use reasonable, only reasonable use of the method is suitable for the position, in order to play a magical effect, and not as some people describe that with it can make everything be fine. Purification of organs such as liver and kidney, remove excess toxins, can comprehensively enhance the immune capacity of people, this is the magic of stone therapy. For cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, migraine, prevention and treatment of cerebral vessels. Rheumatism is particularly significant curative effect, at a time when the autumn dry, the stone needle therapy can effectively prevent colds, the elderly and seriously ill patients with better effect.

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How to Clean the Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is priceless and timeless. For thousands of years, countless people have been attracted by its charm. Although gold jewelry has a variety of colors, the improper handling will make it lose its luster. Here are a few of the main points of the preservation of gold jewelry.

As a precious metal, gold jewelry usually won’t lose luster, fade or pollute because of soap, sweat and other items of pollution in the daily application. In fact, the average daily use of oil will make gold jewelry slightly decreased brightness. So it is best not to wear gold jewelry before wearing perfume or cream, etc., because it may have an impact on it. Also, we should remove the gold jewelry before washing to maintain its luster.

Today, jewelry cleaning cotton is also a good choice, it not only to protect jewelry from pollution, but also to make it like the new one. So there must be enough cloth to wipe off dirt. Avoid jewelry contact soapy water and chlorinated water.
The most important thing to keep jewelry is to keep its luster. Put the gold jewelry in the box so that it will not be scratched. We can use ordinary paper towel to wipe to protect its own luster. In fact, dipping the gold jewelry in the ordinary alcohol a few seconds, you can make it to restore luster.

Gold Jewelry

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Actress Aura from The Hidden Jewels of Taste

Jewelry is a favorite of women, jewelry can not only give women look beautiful, to give women more confidence, improve temperament. Stars on the red carpet are all drying out aerobic, cheats is other people from using the jewelry released charming luster, to look at who they are wearing jewelry.


Such as Cate Blanchett chose jewelry Tiffany Blue Book series, Nicole Kidman chose Fred Leighton jewelry, Kate Winslet has chosen David Morris jewellery
Do you know? Women’s high profile comes from the hidden jewels of taste! Different jewelry you choose can bring you different feeling and charm to other people.


No matter how old you, there must be one kinds of earrings for your best choose in different occasion.Do not ignore the strength that body jewelry give you. It makes you have your own difference and special auras.


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The Origin of Emerald’s Name

The English name of Jade is jadeite, derived from Spanish “plcdode jade”, which means the gem worn on the waist. In sixteenth Century, people think jade is a kind of stone can cure lumbago and Nephralgia.

Jade is a pyroxene’s aggregation mainly consisting of jadeite mineral, which is really called the jadeite. So called jade is because it didn’t transport into the China from Burma through the second branches of the Silk Road until the beginning of the Qing Dynasty through the second branches of the Silk Road. However, the Hetian jade produced in China was called Jade, so when jadeite was rought into China, peop[le cannot distinguish them. Therefore they called it jade for Fei Cui, which means it isn’t the jade of China. Time goes by, the Fei Cui becomes the jade. And because of its uneven color, sometimes there are red and green color in the light ground, the color of beauty like the red feathers of the bird feathers and green Kingfisher. So their names are very proportionate.

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Fancy Designed Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings With Shell

Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel body Jewelry Factory is a professional stainless steel jewelry manufacturer with 10 years experience. Today we want introduce you a design of our new style stainless steel hoop earrings with shell. Wearing them can fully show your personality and charm.

Stainless Steel Hoop Earrings With Shell
Since ancient time, shell is a symbol of wealth. Bei is proof of that. It can be reflected from the origin and development of Chinese characters. Folk has the saying that “Bei for revenue, hidden treasure” and “A family with shell will be prosperous”. Zhou Gong has been explained that dreaming about shell means wealth to come.

Shell also symbolizes peace and prosperity. Since shell is valued by people, they are called as treasure or “baby”. So if the jewelry decorated with shell is both a kind of beauty and a kind of rich and status display.

In addition, shell symbolizes love and life. Scallops and other bivalves are a symbol of female genitalia, which have the moral of thrive.

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