“Nail Bracelets” Continue Sweeping Through the Fashion!

Each quarter in Europe and people on the street, in addition to the currently popular fashion tips, and there are many classic Joker clergymen, such as Cartier, Juste UN Clou bracelet, that is, we often say that the nails series.

Fashion Nail Bracelets
Don’t blame poster editing has been referred to it, blame it on the strange appearance rate is too high, whether it’s popular blogger’s personal blog, and shortly after the end of the 2017 spring/summer fashion week show in the Street outside, all this “nail” shadow. And it’s clearly just a nail, full of gorgeous velvet, fairy dresses, is a handsome leather jacket, it can Hold up everything. Here is a look at it!

Kristina Bazan Cartier bracelet
Kristina Bazan Cartier bracelet Juste UN Clou’s loyal fans. Fringed tassel dress less feminine because large areas of rivets, Golden mask, hands and nails bracelet, decorating amusing retro atmosphere. Top with folds and trumpet sleeves elements should have is a sweet retro, but because the rivet on skirt elements, over the knee boots and wide-brimmed hat and rebellious “nails” bracelet to join more handsome cheesy flavor.


A Kind of Charming Bracelet For Your Wrist

Are you still worrying about your beautiful wrist without a suitable bracelet to match ? Now here let we Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co.ltd introduce a kind of charming bracelet for your wrist. We are a professional stainless steel jewelry wholesale manufacturer with 10 years experience and we sell a lot of high quality products in competitive price.

Seeing following bracelets, you may think that are these bracelets made by stainless steel material ? The answer is of course not at all. These bracelets are made by acrylic balls or plastic balls with small stainless steel hoop between them, which are very charming. These balls are stringed with a flexible string, so that you can wear them easily and comfortably.

Besides, these balls on the bracelet can be all in the same color and also can be in different colors, you which are according to your favor. Maybe the colorful bracelets is more shiny and can help you gain more attention from others, but there are also a lot of people loving the pure color one.Charming BraceletThank you so much for your attention to the new style jewelries of Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co.,Ltd. For more information, please continue to focus on our News Center at zsbodyjewelry.com.

Handmade String Woven Bracelet with Charming Crystal Balls

Maybe you have seen a lot of our bracelets of Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory in various kinds at zsbodyjewelry.com. Or maybe you are a new visitor on our website. However, don’t worry, you are both the lucky one. Today let us introduce you a kind of our new style bracelets to you, which is the handmade string woven bracelet with charming crystal balls.

These bracelets are all in a beautiful woven shape by the high-end handmade craft. You can wear them very easily because they have a flexible connector. You also can choose the crystal balls in the same color or in different colors. The colorful crystal balls will look more shiny and charming. By the way, you also can design you own bracelet. We can made for you according to your idea.

All these handmade string with crystal ball bracelets are in high quality and factory price. Because we are a professional manufacturer and wholesaler, the price will be more competitive if you purchase a big quantity.

Handmade String Woven Bracelet
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Stainless Steel Bracelet Help You Show Your Personality

In the ancient time, people like to wear jade bangle because it is good for health and has the nice implied meaning. However, nowadays, more and more people like wearing stainless steel bangles and bracelets, because they can help people show their personality and wrist’s charm, which has a variety of selections for people.

Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co.,ltd is a profeesional body jewelry manufacturers with 10 years experience. We have designed a lot of stainless steel bracelets and most of them are very hot selling. Today let us introduce two kinds of charming stainless steel bracelet to you, which can both help you fully show your personality.

The first design is the stainless steel bracelet with a heart shape and multi crystals for accessories. The heart shape is with sand blasting, which looks more shiny. The heart also stands for love, which means that it is very suitable for a man to choose as gift for his lover.  The second design is the round accessories on stainless steel bracelet with black oil and crystals, which is also a best choice for the wrist jewelry. Besides, both of them can be made in different plating colors, such as gold, black, rose gold, etc.. We bet there must be a color you like.

Stainless Steel Bracelet
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