Ze Sen stainless steel jewelry Production Meetings

Production meetings at job shops cover some seriously complex problems and solve the trouble during design and produce phase. Mainly control related problems of quality issues, technological design during the goods in the production process. Those present at the meetings hosted by our factory manager range from the plant manager and quality manager to body piercing jewelry factory line controllers. The meetings settle the problems in the process of production. During the meetings, we would discuss production targets, quality request and control, urgently address the emergency order, how to do data-management model of the perfect competition to produce a stable quality products.


The workshop, base of the production unit, is important to improve the production quality and ensure the delivery date. And workshop manage system is an important part of the enterprise information.During the meeting,we discuss responsible for purchase and issue to other department in best delivery lead time. Production Meetings also provides an important guarantee for optimizing management, quality, price and service.


My enthusiasm for the vast number of customers to provide good quality customer service, production of complete,stainless steel jewelry wholesale quality assurance, delivery on time and cost. With the principle of” quality and customers first”, Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory offer the best products, the favorable price and the prompt delivery term to the customers all over the world.



Happy Sky Wheel

It is said that those lovers who take the sky wheel together will break up in the end. However, if they kiss each other when the sky wheel reaches to its top, they will love each other and be happy forever. It is also said that each box of the sky wheel is filled with happiness. When we look up at the sky wheel is looking up at happiness. Happiness extent, the sky wheel there is little. When we are wishful for happiness but it delays to come, we can try to take a sky wheel and wait for it slowly rising until body jewelry manufacturer getting to its top. Then we overlook all the things we can see and we can feel that actually the happiness what we want is so simple. Therefore, if you feel unhappy, you can try to take a sky wheel and wait for you happiness.


This kind of belly button ring dangle is just like a sky wheel and each of the shiny crystal on the edge is like the box that filled with bright happiness. Wearing it not only can show your charm and beauty, but also means you will have boundless happiness.


Seeking for happiness is the natural instincts of everyone.This kind of belly button ring expresses people’s beautiful wishes for the happiness. It combines the stainless steel with the glamorous zircon, then forming such a kind of modern stylish navel jewelry through the perfect design and the delicate technology.

The detailed crystals decorated with shining and brightness attract people’s attention. This kind body jewelry supplies of delicate belly button ring is like a sky wheel guarding our happiness. This kind of beautiful expectation and hope laid on the navel ring adds some sentiments to our ordinary lives and leaves a sweet dream in our hearts.


In fact, happiness is just the same as the sky wheel. Happiness will come back to you sooner or later no mater how far it is away from you just like each box on the sky wheel will turn back to its original position.

Thanks for your attention. For more information please feel free to contact us.


Natural and organic Stone jewelry and wood jewelry

Body jewelry can be made of stainless steel, Titanium, Acrylic, Resin and so on. Wondering what kinds of materials of body piercing jewelry factory you like best. But with rise in the number of people around the word who like stone jewelry and wood jewelry, natural organic ear plugs and tunnels are extremely complex and bold, yet stylish and chic.


Besides stainless steel, Acrylic, resin, natural organic stone and wood to be used in making ear plugs and tunnels with different design. Every natural stone jewelry has their unique texture and color. They are all organic and natural without any harm to human body, which is the symbol of the combination of nature and human. As for wooden jewelry, they can be made with different kinds of shape combine with various elements.


For those who are wearing or used to wear stainless steel jewelry, it is is time to wear wood jewelry and stone stainless steel jewelry wholesale and try something new which will be make you feel something different. The designer team in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory use natural wood and stone with various tones and textures to make every stone and wood jewelry as unique as you you are. Please come visit our website. Here is more newest and popular style than you can expect.

Legend of body piercing and it’s development

Body piercing evolved into an arts and become popular around the world, especially in western countries. But do you know how it came?

It is said that,in the ancient tribe,people believed the devil can go into their body through their ears, and they also thought that metal is a guards can effective against the devil body piercing jewelry factory and the ghost. Therefore, ancient tribe people began to get ear piercing and wore metal jewelry.However, day by day, people began try to get different kinds of piercings, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly piercing, lip piercing and soon, all they are call body jewelry.


Although the body piercing is original from ancient tribe, but it is not become hot until 70s in western countries. At that time because of ‘ punk wave’ and hippie movement’, body piercing art swept the globe. The hippies and punk party kept long hair, worn Indian style scarf, jeans,sweaters and metal jewelry.


Nowadays, people who wearing metal jewelry is not for the purpose of against the devil and ghost. Most of them wear them for personality. Just like the The hippies and punk party.

Not only the ear piercing got well-develop into body jewelry, also the metal jewelry got develop too. We stainless steel jewelry wholesale are not limited make the body jewelry in stainless steel or copper, we also make them in acrylic, resin, silicone and soon.
Therefore, as you can see, body piercing original from a legend, but it is develop into an art today and we are one of the art creator. Welcome to browse our arts at http://www.zsbodyjewelry.com.

Three Blind Spots of Buying Body Jewelry

Blind Spots 1: Buying body jewelry that can retain its value is equal to investment.
We can often hear shopping guide and consumer say that it is best to buy gold jewelry because they can retain their value in jewelry mall. There is one misunderstanding that buying gold jewelry is equal to save up money in a bank. On the contrary, you body jewelry manufacturer will suffer great losses because the price of gold jewelry rise and fall. However, the prices of stainless steel body jewelry remain stable and reasonable for the all people.


Blind Spots 1: Jewelry is luxury, we can’t afford them.
In the ordinary people eyes, body Jewelry is luxury and only people who have economic ability can afford them. As a matter of fact, body jewelry have different level including high, medium and low-grade in the light of materials, technology, decoration. Therefore the price can be different. Stainless steel jewelry look like like gold and silver jewelry and have advantages that they don’t have. Stainless steel jewelry can be your best choose.


Blind Spots 3: Gems are very hard and they are break-resistant and wear-resisting.
The common gems are harder than stone indeed. However, it doesn’t mean that they have good quality of body jewelry supplies break-resistant and wear-resisting. The hardness of gem is measured by the capacity of anti-corrosion and scratching resistance.


As for stainless steel jewelry, they have good capacity of break-resistant and wear-resisting and almost harmless to human bodies.

The Delicate Bracelets-Only Be Moved By the True Love

In ancient time, bracelets is a symbol of strength. In the opinion of primitive people, animals are full of power can’t do without its sharp claws, hard bone and beautiful fur.


Therefore, when human beings capture these beasts, they will string their bones and teeth together, then wearing in their bodies to absorb the power of the beasts. On the other hand, they use theses things to decorate their bodies also can showing their strength and authorities.


Bracelets are also regarded as a talisman by primitive people. They think that everything in the world has a soul, and there are also the differences between good and evil. The soul body piercing jewelry factory bringing people happiness and joy is a good spirit while the soul leading people to disaster and disease is the evil spirit. They strong believe that bracelets have the supernatural powers which a human cannot see. With a bracelet people can get bless and evil will be away from them.


Modern women love dressing and pursuing fashion and beauty. However, the gorgeous clothes is no longer the only things used to dress up themselves. Compared to the gorgeous clothes, women are more fond of bracelets–the beautiful wrist jewelry, which can not only show their beauty but also can unfold their charm and unique style before people’s eyes.


Women who love wearing a bracelet are usually interested in beautiful clothes and accessories. Most of these women are innocent, kind-hearted and enthusiastic. They enjoy their life stainless steel jewelry wholesale and go after the actual state of affairs. They will only be moved by the true love and will not be puzzled by the money.


Our stainless steel bracelets have the corrosion resistance, which are able to bear the strong acid and strong alkali. They are hard,bright and not be out of shape, which are entirely the green jewelry and will not do harm to the human body.
We can produce them according to the information provided by our customers. The style of our bracelets are novel and their quality is stable, also the price is reasonable.
If you have any interesting or want to know more about our stainless steel jewelry, please feel free to contact us.

Why double sides pearl stud earrings popular for years

Double sides pearl stud earrings turn up in European in 2003.Some models took pictures on the street with the double sides pearl stud earrings for post.After that the earrings become fashion and popular body jewelry manufacturer around the world.Even Now it is still very hot in Asia,many movies stars or singers are wearing that earrings,likeAngela Baby in China,SongHyeKyo in Korea.


Why double sides pearl stud earrings can be popular for years?I think it is for 3 reasons.

1.Good design:
Pearl is the forever fashion element in jewelry.The double side pearl ear stud made of two pearls,one side bigger,the other side smaller,simple but elegant.It can be wear in both sides.So it become the favorite of many people.


2.Easy collocation:
Although the design of the double side pearl ear stud is simple,but it looks beautiful.It match with body jewelry supplies many kind of clothes.If you dress in a Evening dress with hair up,the earrings will make you more elegant and fashion.If just wear daily dress,even tight pants,that earrings will well-match your dress up.


3.More styles:
Since the double sides pearl stud earrings turn up, many jewelry maker try to imitate the pearl design and now more and more new style double sides earrings appear and meet the need of all over the world.In my opinion, above are the reasons why the sides stud earrings can keep long fashion for years. I am also very obsessed with them now, how about you?