The Origin and Wisdom of the Emerald Cut

Emerald is one of the oldest and beautiful gem, long before human beings began to develop and use the beautiful emerald. In the long years, people summed up a set of emerald cut method and experience. Today, these methods and experience have been used by people.


Emerald has a high hardness, although this feature prevents its surface have serious scratch, but also has high brittleness of emerald, inside it there are often natural formation of the fracture, and these factors will make the seal cutting, emerald set, the cleaning procedure becomes quite difficult. In the face of such an expensive and complicated gem, even professional gem cutter, cutting emerald is very challenging. After repeated research and pondering, people in the emerald research issued a special cut, which is the most common type of emerald today. This step-like cut, cut four corners of the outer profile is eight rectangular or square, which cutting method is simple, but also can put the luster of gems completely reflected perfectly, show the beautiful emerald color, at the same time this structure can prevent the emerald mechanical pressure and protect the emerald. This cutting method is the crystallization of human wisdom, natural and beautiful emerald, emerald is a perfect combination of man and nature of the essence of beauty and value, which can not be added.

Emerald Jewelry

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