Daily Maintenance and Cleaning of Emerald

Since ancient times, emerald and diamond, ruby, sapphire, opal are considered as the world’s five largest precious stones. Emerald is a most valuable member of beryl in the family, which is known as the Green King of gems and loved by the people. Emerald green eye, so that each age people are fascinated. Emerald was identified as the May birthstone, its color represents when spring comes, the beauty of nature and the recovery of the scene, at the same time, it is loyalty, kindness and goodness of fit symbol. Emerald is used as a special gem dedicated to the goddess Venus in a long time ago, it has revealed the beloved emerald loyalty and not magic for love of so many people.


In order to maintain this charming color, people also used many ways to conserve, here are a few of the emerald maintenance tips:

Firstly, emerald is delicate, not only don’t put it with other gems or metal so as its surface not to be fricted and scratched, but also avoid the bump causing damage to the edges. If you need to engage in manual labor or strenuous exercise, should be removed jewelry, so as to avoid collisions causing the internal cracks in the gem.

Secondly,good quality emeralds should not stay in the smoke inhibition place for a long time, soot will cause erosion on the surface of the emerald and make the surface luster gems damaged. So when cooking or when you are stay in a smoke place, should avoid wearing emerald jewelry.


Thirdly, emerald should avoid high temperature, some oil treatment after the emerald will reveal the flaws in the high temperature, so before the bath soak for a long time, you’d better take off the jewelry. In addition, the gem overheating cracks or expands the original internal bag body, must be careful when in repairing emerald jewelry please, and should ask professionals for repairing.

Lasting, when cleaning the emerald should be cleaned with water. Emerald is often with oil processing, in order to cover up the cracks and increase transparency. The cleaning emerald jewelry, do not use acid, alkali, alcohol, ether and other substances, they will destroy the lyrate in filling material, thereby reducing the transparency. So, the best way to wash emerald jewelry with water. Emerald jewelry can not use ultrasonic cleaning, otherwise it may cause great damage to the gem.

When cleaning the emerald can use the flow of tap water with soft brush and neutral liquid soap etc. at room temperature. From the lower part of the emerald jewelry began cleaning, remove greasy dirt. So that you can see the little bit of a little bit more bright. Then rinse with warm water and dry with a soft towel. Most of the jewelry cleaning liquid is not suitable for the cleaning of oil through the optimization of emerald. It is also not recommended to clean emerald many times for a short period of time, and do not recommend cleaning more than 4 times within one year.

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