Skills of Dress Matching With Pearl Jewelry

Round and bright appearance of pearls, is an integral part of wedding jewelry accessories, so how to make the wedding dress match most perfectly with pearls ?
First, pearl jewelry style is divided into: rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, string of pearls, and so on, which can be matched with a variety of styles of wedding dress. Taking the string of pearls chain as an example, it is suitable for collocation with thin shoulder collar and cup type of wedding dresses with pearls chain ornament, can not only highlight the graceful lines of the bride’s neck, but also can add the wedding dress elegant temperament.

Long strings of beads in wearing backless wedding dress, with a finishing touch. When the bride wear a backless dress, she can wear long strings of various changes, such as the long scarf wrapped by beads; or the beads in way of wearing the dress in layers gradually behind, let the pearl pendant presents the natural effect, making the back curve of bride more beautiful.

As for the collocation skills of wedding dress and pearl jewelry, we must first determine the main points and accessories to dress. If the bride wearing simple style of pearl jewelry, you can choose a fancy wedding dress style; if the bride choose more luxury jewelry styles, wedding dress style should be elegant.

In addition, pearl also can be directly applied to the design of dress, such as using pearl focusing embellishment on the wedding dress collar, cuffs and waist, and using the pearl to decorate veil is also very beautiful. As long as the you master the characteristics of pearls, the pearl will be the best partner of wedding dress.

Dress Matching With Pearl Jewelry

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