Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (III)

Which jewelry has health-keeping function ? Today let’s talk about the last fourth kinds jewelry.

Tthe seventh one is urquoise. Turquoise is recognized at home and abroad “December Birthstone” for victory and success, “stone of success” and “lucky stone” reputation. It is said that it can put on enrichment, avoid evil, save peace and have wealth effect, can strengthen the courage, help calm and wide popularity, and can help people keep open and magnanimous personality, but also help people to be more likely to release the energy of love. The study of modern mineral medicine proved that turquoise contains a variety of trace elements needed by human body, long-term wearing can promote cell regeneration, enhance immunity, strong body, with illnesses from evil and stable mood and increase brain reaction force and other magic, wearing a turquoise long-term heat, anti-inflammatory, sedative, lower blood pressure and the special effects, especially have an effect on maintenance of bile.

The eight one is agate. Agate is one of Buddhist Shippo, since ancient times has been when the amulets, charms, friendly symbol of love and hope, help to eliminate stress, fatigue, decoration and other negative energy. Put the right amount of agate placed under the pillow, help to sleep peacefully. Agate can improve endocrine, strengthen blood circulation, let look good, eliminate obstacles, avoid impotence and infertility, partial orange red agate is the rectum, gastrointestinal effective use, can activate the viscera, prevent constipation, help eliminate toxins, liver disease, rheumatism, neuralgia, varicose vein and the function of the slow, for women, long-term wear agate can make skin smooth, cheerful mood, enhance blood circulation, rosy lips, eyes’s brightness.

The ninth one is crystal.Crystal has a strong magnetic field, play a great role in soothing for the body’s inner structure. At the same time, in the early ancient crystal have been used to treat the pathological process, especially the role of crystal cold for tight pain better neural mechanisms have a soothing effect, through massage to blood circulation, the effect of external energy injection. Crystal, roughly divided into absorption of crystal and radioactive crystal, absorption of crystal can absorb some energy, radioactive crystal can release energy to attract some magnetic field. For the human body, is left into the right, so the left hand should wear to absorb the crystal, cultivate personal temperament, the right hand should wear divergent crystal, distribute personal temperament. pearl
The last one is pearl. Pearl medicine in China has more than 2000 years of history. Many acient books have clearly recorded the effect of pearl, such as Medical Records in Three Kingdoms, Materia Medica in Liang Dynasty, Compendium of Materia Medica in the Ming Dynasty, rtc.. In the Ming Dynasty, Li Shizhen paid more attention to the pharmacological effects of Pearl and pearl that effects in skin, especially in the “Compendium of Materia Medica” wrote: “Pearl tastes salty, cold non-toxic, town center; pearl painted surface, a good color of moist. With the hand and foot, to skin faults; falling phlegm, diarrhea; in addition to surface spots, in addition to children surprised hot solution pox cure poison, make luster white “etc..

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