Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (II)

Which jewelry has health-keeping function ? Today let’s continue to talk about it.


The fourth kind of jewelry is Emerald. According to analysis of modern biological, physical and chemical: many jades contains more than and 10 kinds of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as gold, silver, silicon, zinc, iron, selenium, magnesium, manganese. The research results indicated that the Emerald silica containing about 58%, about 23%, about 13% of alumina oxide, calcium oxide 1%, Magnesium Oxide, a small amount of iron oxide composition, and contains trace elements of chromium, nickel, zinc, manganese, etc..  After long wear in the body, Emerald and human contact friction, trace elements will enter the body, the balance of the body’s trace element levels. Cases of zinc can activate the insulin that regulates energy metabolism, maintain the body’s immune function, promote children’s intellectual development, has the function of anti-cancer, anti-aging, anti distortion etc.. Manganese can fight free radicals on the human body caused by injury, involved in protein synthesis, promote blood circulation, accelerate the The new supersedes the old. and aging, prevent Alzheimer’s disease, osteoporosis, atherosclerosis etc..

The fifth one is jade. China is known as “jade country” reputation, the ancients regarded as something precious jade. According to legend, towards generations, imperial concubines can’t do health keeping without jades. Song Huizong was addicted to jade; favorite concubine of emperor Minghuang with jade in mounth to avoid summer; holding jade was blowing as the Empress Dowager Ci Xi, etc.. The ancient said: jade is a beautiful, sweet natured non-toxic. The various schools of Qigong masters agree that people are “fine, gas, God” Sambo, “gas” use is particularly prominent, while jade is the storage “gas” the most abundant material. Some people think that in researching the mechanism of jade, jade contains a variety of trace elements beneficial to human body, such as zinc, magnesium, iron, copper, chromium, manganese, cobalt, wearing jade contains trace elements can be absorbed by human skin, a special “photoelectric effect” to stimulate energy, forming the equivalent electromagnetic field in a computer like resonator, resonance with the human body, so that help to the physiological function of a more coordinated operation.

The sixth one is amber. Amber has been given a tranquilizer gas function in Chinese medicine theory, and sterilization and prevent infectious diseases, so it would be made of fragrant incense ring or to use some powder to stop bleeding, burns or injury, but it is the most effective in the prevention of throat and its respiratory disease he so, often do pendant hanging in the throat near the wheel, in addition to have a fever, stomach discomfort also have a soothing effect, and can promote activation of liver and kidney cells, the black and red Succinum, can corresponding submarine wheel, can increase the reproductive capacity and organ function, to help both men and women.

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