Ten Kinds of Jewelry with Health-keeping Function (I)

As the saying goes: people keep jade three years, the jade will keep them a whole life. Ancient people believe that jade is the essence of heaven and earth, can keep the “gas” most. Modern science is that the trace elements in jade beneficial to the human body, but also can be produced by the photoelectric to clear the meridians, regulate physiological functions. However, is wearing jade jewelry really good for health? Which jewelry has health-keeping function ?

jade jewelry

Since the emerald was discovered since then is regarded as magical power is evil, people will be used as a talisman, emerald talisman or religious ornaments, believe that it can resist the invasion of venomous serpents and wild beasts. In the middle ages, all kinds of jewelry in the record, emerald is a kind of treatment is strong gem, it has detoxifies effect, either European or Asian, they think it is specific to treat dysentery. In addition, it also has a good protective effect on the liver, can relieve eye fatigue.


The second one is tourmaline. The magnetic field sensitive groups: magnetic field sensitive person for power perception outside especially strong, is easily influenced by external forces, and these people’s psychology is very sensitive, who are particularly vulnerable to the influence of others, according to the weather and the surrounding environment can produce large changes of mood. However, tourmaline is beginning to wear will have strong cleaning effect, to help us clean the body of the negative energy, this kind of magnetic field sensitive people may be too much, some people will feel nausea and dizziness, but as long as you can overcome this stage, later will be able to experience the tourmaline gives you unlimited wonderful. Not sensitive to magnetic field groups: no sensitive magnetic field we can be divided into two groups, one is self-confidence strong, this kind of people say it is not suitable for we do not recommend it because wearing tourmaline, tourmaline can enhance self-confidence, this kind of person if wearing tourmaline would make the confidence expansion, then will become arrogant.

stone needle

The third one is stone needle. A stone is on his own implication of energy, to stimulate human potential, mainly rely on our own to use reasonable, only reasonable use of the method is suitable for the position, in order to play a magical effect, and not as some people describe that with it can make everything be fine. Purification of organs such as liver and kidney, remove excess toxins, can comprehensively enhance the immune capacity of people, this is the magic of stone therapy. For cervical spondylosis, lumbar disease, migraine, prevention and treatment of cerebral vessels. Rheumatism is particularly significant curative effect, at a time when the autumn dry, the stone needle therapy can effectively prevent colds, the elderly and seriously ill patients with better effect.

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