The Origin of Emerald’s Name

The English name of Jade is jadeite, derived from Spanish “plcdode jade”, which means the gem worn on the waist. In sixteenth Century, people think jade is a kind of stone can cure lumbago and Nephralgia.

Jade is a pyroxene’s aggregation mainly consisting of jadeite mineral, which is really called the jadeite. So called jade is because it didn’t transport into the China from Burma through the second branches of the Silk Road until the beginning of the Qing Dynasty through the second branches of the Silk Road. However, the Hetian jade produced in China was called Jade, so when jadeite was rought into China, peop[le cannot distinguish them. Therefore they called it jade for Fei Cui, which means it isn’t the jade of China. Time goes by, the Fei Cui becomes the jade. And because of its uneven color, sometimes there are red and green color in the light ground, the color of beauty like the red feathers of the bird feathers and green Kingfisher. So their names are very proportionate.

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