Handmade String Woven Bracelet with Charming Crystal Balls

Maybe you have seen a lot of our bracelets of Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory in various kinds at zsbodyjewelry.com. Or maybe you are a new visitor on our website. However, don’t worry, you are both the lucky one. Today let us introduce you a kind of our new style bracelets to you, which is the handmade string woven bracelet with charming crystal balls.

These bracelets are all in a beautiful woven shape by the high-end handmade craft. You can wear them very easily because they have a flexible connector. You also can choose the crystal balls in the same color or in different colors. The colorful crystal balls will look more shiny and charming. By the way, you also can design you own bracelet. We can made for you according to your idea.

All these handmade string with crystal ball bracelets are in high quality and factory price. Because we are a professional manufacturer and wholesaler, the price will be more competitive if you purchase a big quantity.

Handmade String Woven Bracelet
Thank you for your attention to our News Center. For more information about our wrist jewelries, please feel free to contact us at zsbodyjewelry.com.


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