Different Meanings to Wear Ear Studs on Left and Right Ear For Boy

Generally speaking, boys usually like to wear stud earrings on one of their ears, which can highlight the handsome. But it is worth noting that there are different meanings while wearing earrings on different sides of ears. For example, if a boy he has no girlfriend, wearing an earring on in his left ear shows that he is single, or he is recuperating his painful emotional trauma. Of course, we can’t deny that there are some boys wear earrings on left ear just for looking cool and handsome. If a boy has a girlfriend, wearing a earring on in his left ear shows means that he tries to express a special romantic and sincere emotion to her and also means the girl is the favorite person of the boy. This is because a legend said that the left ear is near the heart, which can hear each other’s heart beat and express the sincere love, symbolizing a kind of happiness and sweetness. Also there is a saying that if the boy has a girlfriend but wears a stud earring on the right ear, it means he is in love and don’t want be disturbed by other people.

Ear Studs

In normal circumstances, there are few boys wear stud earring on his right ear. This is because there is an argument that a boy wear earring on his right ear indicates his sexual orientation has a problem. Therefore, when boys hit an ear hole he will avoid to wear an ear stud on his right ear.

Ear Studs

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