Expressing Your Love By Our Rings

Decorations on the ring is a finger, can be worn by anyone. Wear ring customs have survived, different places have different meaning on different ways of wearing. Materials can be metal, stone, plastic, wood, or bone, and so on.

Stainless Steel ring

On the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger of the right hand of countries and regions less. Worn on the index finger of the left hand is considered in many areas makes love, the middle finger is in love, pinky says I don’t love or life singles. In ancient Rome, the ring as a seal, is a symbol of power.
Stainless Steel ring
Inlaid gemstone ring has a different meaning. Diamonds symbolize the eternal, in Europe and the United States, every wedding anniversary, to to make her husband’s gift to his wife a diamond ring and precious metals, loyalty in love. Emerald express love, Pearl says noble, Amethyst health, agility and luck, Crystal‘s unique magnetic energy more love at first sight.
Stainless Steel ring
Hot love when men and women marry because they want to stay together, rather than any other intangible factors, engagement rings and wedding rings you can express your feelings, but not love is expressed in engagement rings and wedding rings.


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