The material in body piercing jewelry

As we know, generally, body piercing jewelry material are surgical stainless steel, wood, acrylic, silicone, they are all no allergy no rust for human body. In this article, we will
introduce these material.

1. Stainless steel
Body piercing jewelry are most made with stainless steel, high quality is friendly for human bodies, and many people like body piercing jewelry factory because they are more
heave and can make many fashion shapes, in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel jewelry factory, they are always plated to gold, rose gold, rainbow, steel, black and blue, they are looks
very beautiful and suitable all kinds body jewelry.

Stainless steel Ear Piercing

2. Acrylic
Acrylic is very important for Industrial factory, they are easy to make and they are very lightweight, they including true color and clear, they are very popular in body piercing
jewelry. They are so lightweight that they are used to make big ear tunnel plugs, and other kinds of body jewelry such as belly button rings, they are also kind for body skin.

Acrylic Ear Piercing

3. Wood
In Foshan Zesen stainless steel jewelry wholesale, wood is used to make with tunnel and other need pierce jewelry, they are all import from abroad, they are a litter expensive, but to make sure they are kind for human body, they would covered by special liquid medicine, it is friendly for human beings.

Wood Ear Plugs

Silicone is the most smooth material in body piercing jewelry, we can add other powder to make it glow in dark, they are very fanny so ther are popular among young people.

Silicone Ear Tunnels


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