Ze Sen stainless steel jewelry Production Meetings

Production meetings at job shops cover some seriously complex problems and solve the trouble during design and produce phase. Mainly control related problems of quality issues, technological design during the goods in the production process. Those present at the meetings hosted by our factory manager range from the plant manager and quality manager to body piercing jewelry factory line controllers. The meetings settle the problems in the process of production. During the meetings, we would discuss production targets, quality request and control, urgently address the emergency order, how to do data-management model of the perfect competition to produce a stable quality products.


The workshop, base of the production unit, is important to improve the production quality and ensure the delivery date. And workshop manage system is an important part of the enterprise information.During the meeting,we discuss responsible for purchase and issue to other department in best delivery lead time. Production Meetings also provides an important guarantee for optimizing management, quality, price and service.


My enthusiasm for the vast number of customers to provide good quality customer service, production of complete,stainless steel jewelry wholesale quality assurance, delivery on time and cost. With the principle of” quality and customers first”, Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory offer the best products, the favorable price and the prompt delivery term to the customers all over the world.



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