Natural and organic Stone jewelry and wood jewelry

Body jewelry can be made of stainless steel, Titanium, Acrylic, Resin and so on. Wondering what kinds of materials of body piercing jewelry factory you like best. But with rise in the number of people around the word who like stone jewelry and wood jewelry, natural organic ear plugs and tunnels are extremely complex and bold, yet stylish and chic.


Besides stainless steel, Acrylic, resin, natural organic stone and wood to be used in making ear plugs and tunnels with different design. Every natural stone jewelry has their unique texture and color. They are all organic and natural without any harm to human body, which is the symbol of the combination of nature and human. As for wooden jewelry, they can be made with different kinds of shape combine with various elements.


For those who are wearing or used to wear stainless steel jewelry, it is is time to wear wood jewelry and stone stainless steel jewelry wholesale and try something new which will be make you feel something different. The designer team in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory use natural wood and stone with various tones and textures to make every stone and wood jewelry as unique as you you are. Please come visit our website. Here is more newest and popular style than you can expect.


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