The material in body piercing jewelry

As we know, generally, body piercing jewelry material are surgical stainless steel, wood, acrylic, silicone, they are all no allergy no rust for human body. In this article, we will
introduce these material.

1. Stainless steel
Body piercing jewelry are most made with stainless steel, high quality is friendly for human bodies, and many people like body piercing jewelry factory because they are more
heave and can make many fashion shapes, in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel jewelry factory, they are always plated to gold, rose gold, rainbow, steel, black and blue, they are looks
very beautiful and suitable all kinds body jewelry.

Stainless steel Ear Piercing

2. Acrylic
Acrylic is very important for Industrial factory, they are easy to make and they are very lightweight, they including true color and clear, they are very popular in body piercing
jewelry. They are so lightweight that they are used to make big ear tunnel plugs, and other kinds of body jewelry such as belly button rings, they are also kind for body skin.

Acrylic Ear Piercing

3. Wood
In Foshan Zesen stainless steel jewelry wholesale, wood is used to make with tunnel and other need pierce jewelry, they are all import from abroad, they are a litter expensive, but to make sure they are kind for human body, they would covered by special liquid medicine, it is friendly for human beings.

Wood Ear Plugs

Silicone is the most smooth material in body piercing jewelry, we can add other powder to make it glow in dark, they are very fanny so ther are popular among young people.

Silicone Ear Tunnels


Why Do Boys Want to Wear Earrings

Jewelry as an essential element in our daily life . More and more people used to wearing jewelry when they go out , especially wearing earrings .

You may say , women love beauty , so they wear earrings , but According to the survey , the percentage of body jewelry manufacturer male wear earring are more and more higher since the celebrity endorsement .
Why do boys want to wear earrings ?


1.They want have more personality than others .

2.More handsome , more cool .

3.Star Fans , they frantically all fall in love with idol , so when the idol wear earring , they will wear same style .

4.Wear some good material body jewelry supplies earrings have certain effects on health .

Black earrings

We use safe 316 surgical steel raw material , make the fashion earring .


Welcome to buy the earrings in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory

Ze Sen stainless steel jewelry Production Meetings

Production meetings at job shops cover some seriously complex problems and solve the trouble during design and produce phase. Mainly control related problems of quality issues, technological design during the goods in the production process. Those present at the meetings hosted by our factory manager range from the plant manager and quality manager to body piercing jewelry factory line controllers. The meetings settle the problems in the process of production. During the meetings, we would discuss production targets, quality request and control, urgently address the emergency order, how to do data-management model of the perfect competition to produce a stable quality products.


The workshop, base of the production unit, is important to improve the production quality and ensure the delivery date. And workshop manage system is an important part of the enterprise information.During the meeting,we discuss responsible for purchase and issue to other department in best delivery lead time. Production Meetings also provides an important guarantee for optimizing management, quality, price and service.


My enthusiasm for the vast number of customers to provide good quality customer service, production of complete,stainless steel jewelry wholesale quality assurance, delivery on time and cost. With the principle of” quality and customers first”, Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory offer the best products, the favorable price and the prompt delivery term to the customers all over the world.

Happy Sky Wheel

It is said that those lovers who take the sky wheel together will break up in the end. However, if they kiss each other when the sky wheel reaches to its top, they will love each other and be happy forever. It is also said that each box of the sky wheel is filled with happiness. When we look up at the sky wheel is looking up at happiness. Happiness extent, the sky wheel there is little. When we are wishful for happiness but it delays to come, we can try to take a sky wheel and wait for it slowly rising until body jewelry manufacturer getting to its top. Then we overlook all the things we can see and we can feel that actually the happiness what we want is so simple. Therefore, if you feel unhappy, you can try to take a sky wheel and wait for you happiness.


This kind of belly button ring dangle is just like a sky wheel and each of the shiny crystal on the edge is like the box that filled with bright happiness. Wearing it not only can show your charm and beauty, but also means you will have boundless happiness.


Seeking for happiness is the natural instincts of everyone.This kind of belly button ring expresses people’s beautiful wishes for the happiness. It combines the stainless steel with the glamorous zircon, then forming such a kind of modern stylish navel jewelry through the perfect design and the delicate technology.

The detailed crystals decorated with shining and brightness attract people’s attention. This kind body jewelry supplies of delicate belly button ring is like a sky wheel guarding our happiness. This kind of beautiful expectation and hope laid on the navel ring adds some sentiments to our ordinary lives and leaves a sweet dream in our hearts.


In fact, happiness is just the same as the sky wheel. Happiness will come back to you sooner or later no mater how far it is away from you just like each box on the sky wheel will turn back to its original position.

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Natural and organic Stone jewelry and wood jewelry

Body jewelry can be made of stainless steel, Titanium, Acrylic, Resin and so on. Wondering what kinds of materials of body piercing jewelry factory you like best. But with rise in the number of people around the word who like stone jewelry and wood jewelry, natural organic ear plugs and tunnels are extremely complex and bold, yet stylish and chic.


Besides stainless steel, Acrylic, resin, natural organic stone and wood to be used in making ear plugs and tunnels with different design. Every natural stone jewelry has their unique texture and color. They are all organic and natural without any harm to human body, which is the symbol of the combination of nature and human. As for wooden jewelry, they can be made with different kinds of shape combine with various elements.


For those who are wearing or used to wear stainless steel jewelry, it is is time to wear wood jewelry and stone stainless steel jewelry wholesale and try something new which will be make you feel something different. The designer team in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory use natural wood and stone with various tones and textures to make every stone and wood jewelry as unique as you you are. Please come visit our website. Here is more newest and popular style than you can expect.

Professional Foreign Trade Team Ensuring the Business Continuity

Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd has a professional overseas sales team for more than 10 people at present. Almost all of them are born in the 90s who are full of youth and vitality. Although they are very young, most of them have a rich sales experience.

All of our members in the foreign departments have to spend 30-60 minutes learning knowledge on the foreign trade circle of alibaba in order to improve our foreign trade skills or the order following body jewelry manufacturer skills and PS skills. In addition, we are provided a lot of chances to receive training and learn the skills of how to be a good overseas sales and how to follow and keep our customers well. All of us are trying our best to improve ourselves and become more professional, so we can make our company stronger and stronger.

Now I’m glad to introduce our overseas sales and other members in our foreign trade department to you.

Alice Wu is the manager of our foreign trade department. She worked in this company for more than three years. She has been in Zesen Company since she graduated from her university. After several years of efforts, she became the leader of our overseas sale team, from a simple girl knowing little about foreign trade and foreign customers to a capable foreign trade manager who can talk and chat with different foreign customers freely and gain their a lot of praise.



Tiffany is an overseas sales working in this company for nearly 3 years. She is the person in charge of our new earring website ( and the P4P operator of this web background. She also can speak a fluent oral English and talk with customers pleasantly and effectively. She has good professional ability to do the business with our foreign customers.


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Linda Yang is also an overseas sales working in this company for nearly 3 years. She is in charge of our retail website( and also responsible for the business on our old website of body jewelry supplies. In addition, she is the supervisor of our web designers. She has a good social language ability and interpersonal skills.


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Nardo is an overseas sales who has been in Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd for more than one year. He is the only male sales in our company and the valuable assistant of our boss who often help him or other sales drive the car to pick up their customers. He is responsible for the business on our old website of body jewelry( and the P4P operator of this website.


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