Three Blind Spots of Buying Body Jewelry

Blind Spots 1: Buying body jewelry that can retain its value is equal to investment.
We can often hear shopping guide and consumer say that it is best to buy gold jewelry because they can retain their value in jewelry mall. There is one misunderstanding that buying gold jewelry is equal to save up money in a bank. On the contrary, you body jewelry manufacturer will suffer great losses because the price of gold jewelry rise and fall. However, the prices of stainless steel body jewelry remain stable and reasonable for the all people.


Blind Spots 1: Jewelry is luxury, we can’t afford them.
In the ordinary people eyes, body Jewelry is luxury and only people who have economic ability can afford them. As a matter of fact, body jewelry have different level including high, medium and low-grade in the light of materials, technology, decoration. Therefore the price can be different. Stainless steel jewelry look like like gold and silver jewelry and have advantages that they don’t have. Stainless steel jewelry can be your best choose.


Blind Spots 3: Gems are very hard and they are break-resistant and wear-resisting.
The common gems are harder than stone indeed. However, it doesn’t mean that they have good quality of body jewelry supplies break-resistant and wear-resisting. The hardness of gem is measured by the capacity of anti-corrosion and scratching resistance.


As for stainless steel jewelry, they have good capacity of break-resistant and wear-resisting and almost harmless to human bodies.


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