Legend of body piercing and it’s development

Body piercing evolved into an arts and become popular around the world, especially in western countries. But do you know how it came?

It is said that,in the ancient tribe,people believed the devil can go into their body through their ears, and they also thought that metal is a guards can effective against the devil body piercing jewelry factory and the ghost. Therefore, ancient tribe people began to get ear piercing and wore metal jewelry.However, day by day, people began try to get different kinds of piercings, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly piercing, lip piercing and soon, all they are call body jewelry.


Although the body piercing is original from ancient tribe, but it is not become hot until 70s in western countries. At that time because of ‘ punk wave’ and hippie movement’, body piercing art swept the globe. The hippies and punk party kept long hair, worn Indian style scarf, jeans,sweaters and metal jewelry.


Nowadays, people who wearing metal jewelry is not for the purpose of against the devil and ghost. Most of them wear them for personality. Just like the The hippies and punk party.

Not only the ear piercing got well-develop into body jewelry, also the metal jewelry got develop too. We stainless steel jewelry wholesale are not limited make the body jewelry in stainless steel or copper, we also make them in acrylic, resin, silicone and soon.
Therefore, as you can see, body piercing original from a legend, but it is develop into an art today and we are one of the art creator. Welcome to browse our arts at http://www.zsbodyjewelry.com.


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