Zesen New Style-the Wood Plugs with Leaf Pendants

Leaves are the wings that can’t fly while wings are the leaves that fall on the sky. The ear plugs with leaf pendant are like the wings just be with you. Angle has a pair of the most spotless wings in the world while leaves are the most unique entities in the world. There are body jewelry manufacturer no two identical leaves in the world. Believe that each leaf pendant ear plug you get is unique and only belongs to you.


Although only blooming in a season, leaves attached to the tree and depend on each other. Leaves have ever dressed up the piece of land with the tree. The growth of every bit of the grass can’t do without the hard irrigation of leaves. Leaves have no regrets to devote a lifetime of efforts to the tree. They take care of each other in the wind an rain only for a unexpected meet in the spring.


Leaves will fly away eventually. The last time to wave to the tree and gaze at those companions who are still busy rushing about the tree, leaves turn the full of sadness to the final blessing, then left and gone forever. The leaves leave for chasing the wind or not to be retained by the tree? However, leaves leave neither for chasing the wind, nor for tree never keeping. It’s all because its yearning for freedom.


Leaves are just like the fairies., representing the infinite vigor and vitality. The leaf pendant ear plugs with a crystal ball will be more beautiful and charming. Wearing this kind of ear plugs will give you a feeling of youth, vitality, vigor, beauty and freedom. They are also very suitable to be the gifts for lovers or friends.


The leave pendant ear plugs are suitable to wear in any seasons of the year and in a variety of occasions, which body jewelry supplies can show your different styles and make you be more attractive and charming. Leaves stand for the happiness and good luck. In China, the word “leaf” is a homophone for the word “career”,meaning your career will rapidly go up in the world.

The natural leaves may fall from the tree and fly away, but the leaf pendant on our ear plugs will never leave away. Get the ear plugs to witness the change of time and a heart of forever love.
Thanks for you attention. For more information about our new style of unique ear plugs, please feel free to contact us.


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