Legend of body piercing and it’s development

Body piercing evolved into an arts and become popular around the world, especially in western countries. But do you know how it came?

It is said that,in the ancient tribe,people believed the devil can go into their body through their ears, and they also thought that metal is a guards can effective against the devil body piercing jewelry factory and the ghost. Therefore, ancient tribe people began to get ear piercing and wore metal jewelry.However, day by day, people began try to get different kinds of piercings, nose piercing, eyebrow piercing, belly piercing, lip piercing and soon, all they are call body jewelry.


Although the body piercing is original from ancient tribe, but it is not become hot until 70s in western countries. At that time because of ‘ punk wave’ and hippie movement’, body piercing art swept the globe. The hippies and punk party kept long hair, worn Indian style scarf, jeans,sweaters and metal jewelry.


Nowadays, people who wearing metal jewelry is not for the purpose of against the devil and ghost. Most of them wear them for personality. Just like the The hippies and punk party.

Not only the ear piercing got well-develop into body jewelry, also the metal jewelry got develop too. We stainless steel jewelry wholesale are not limited make the body jewelry in stainless steel or copper, we also make them in acrylic, resin, silicone and soon.
Therefore, as you can see, body piercing original from a legend, but it is develop into an art today and we are one of the art creator. Welcome to browse our arts at http://www.zsbodyjewelry.com.


Three Blind Spots of Buying Body Jewelry

Blind Spots 1: Buying body jewelry that can retain its value is equal to investment.
We can often hear shopping guide and consumer say that it is best to buy gold jewelry because they can retain their value in jewelry mall. There is one misunderstanding that buying gold jewelry is equal to save up money in a bank. On the contrary, you body jewelry manufacturer will suffer great losses because the price of gold jewelry rise and fall. However, the prices of stainless steel body jewelry remain stable and reasonable for the all people.


Blind Spots 1: Jewelry is luxury, we can’t afford them.
In the ordinary people eyes, body Jewelry is luxury and only people who have economic ability can afford them. As a matter of fact, body jewelry have different level including high, medium and low-grade in the light of materials, technology, decoration. Therefore the price can be different. Stainless steel jewelry look like like gold and silver jewelry and have advantages that they don’t have. Stainless steel jewelry can be your best choose.


Blind Spots 3: Gems are very hard and they are break-resistant and wear-resisting.
The common gems are harder than stone indeed. However, it doesn’t mean that they have good quality of body jewelry supplies break-resistant and wear-resisting. The hardness of gem is measured by the capacity of anti-corrosion and scratching resistance.


As for stainless steel jewelry, they have good capacity of break-resistant and wear-resisting and almost harmless to human bodies.

The Delicate Bracelets-Only Be Moved By the True Love

In ancient time, bracelets is a symbol of strength. In the opinion of primitive people, animals are full of power can’t do without its sharp claws, hard bone and beautiful fur.


Therefore, when human beings capture these beasts, they will string their bones and teeth together, then wearing in their bodies to absorb the power of the beasts. On the other hand, they use theses things to decorate their bodies also can showing their strength and authorities.


Bracelets are also regarded as a talisman by primitive people. They think that everything in the world has a soul, and there are also the differences between good and evil. The soul body piercing jewelry factory bringing people happiness and joy is a good spirit while the soul leading people to disaster and disease is the evil spirit. They strong believe that bracelets have the supernatural powers which a human cannot see. With a bracelet people can get bless and evil will be away from them.


Modern women love dressing and pursuing fashion and beauty. However, the gorgeous clothes is no longer the only things used to dress up themselves. Compared to the gorgeous clothes, women are more fond of bracelets–the beautiful wrist jewelry, which can not only show their beauty but also can unfold their charm and unique style before people’s eyes.


Women who love wearing a bracelet are usually interested in beautiful clothes and accessories. Most of these women are innocent, kind-hearted and enthusiastic. They enjoy their life stainless steel jewelry wholesale and go after the actual state of affairs. They will only be moved by the true love and will not be puzzled by the money.


Our stainless steel bracelets have the corrosion resistance, which are able to bear the strong acid and strong alkali. They are hard,bright and not be out of shape, which are entirely the green jewelry and will not do harm to the human body.
We can produce them according to the information provided by our customers. The style of our bracelets are novel and their quality is stable, also the price is reasonable.
If you have any interesting or want to know more about our stainless steel jewelry, please feel free to contact us.

Why double sides pearl stud earrings popular for years

Double sides pearl stud earrings turn up in European in 2003.Some models took pictures on the street with the double sides pearl stud earrings for post.After that the earrings become fashion and popular body jewelry manufacturer around the world.Even Now it is still very hot in Asia,many movies stars or singers are wearing that earrings,likeAngela Baby in China,SongHyeKyo in Korea.


Why double sides pearl stud earrings can be popular for years?I think it is for 3 reasons.

1.Good design:
Pearl is the forever fashion element in jewelry.The double side pearl ear stud made of two pearls,one side bigger,the other side smaller,simple but elegant.It can be wear in both sides.So it become the favorite of many people.


2.Easy collocation:
Although the design of the double side pearl ear stud is simple,but it looks beautiful.It match with body jewelry supplies many kind of clothes.If you dress in a Evening dress with hair up,the earrings will make you more elegant and fashion.If just wear daily dress,even tight pants,that earrings will well-match your dress up.


3.More styles:
Since the double sides pearl stud earrings turn up, many jewelry maker try to imitate the pearl design and now more and more new style double sides earrings appear and meet the need of all over the world.In my opinion, above are the reasons why the sides stud earrings can keep long fashion for years. I am also very obsessed with them now, how about you?


New Year Wall-Decoration

There is old saying in Chinese that,morning is the beginning of one day,Spring is the beginning of one year.People pay attention to the new start,because we can move all the old thing away and have a wonderful hope of the new beginning.So by the end of the year,we do much body piercing jewelry factory jobs to welcome our new year.Last time,we introduced the new year wall-newspaper as one of way to built up our cultural atmosphere,and wall-decoration is the other way.


This time,in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory,our jewelry designer,Yuki accompanying with other colleagues,took the responsibility of this job.By two days of brain storming,they designed dozen of wall posters,chose many our group pictures of this year and brought many decorating ornaments.with the help of other colleagues,now everywhere in Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Factory is well decorated.


In order to match the blue color in our jewelry website,the main color of our wall posters also in blue.We stainless steel jewelry wholesaleseem to be in blue ocean,and our bling bling jewelry like the sunshine in the ocean.If you also want to be in such beautiful world,welcome to Foshan Zesen Stainless Steel Jewelry Factory and enjoy our sunshine jewelry.

Zesen New Style-the Wood Plugs with Leaf Pendants

Leaves are the wings that can’t fly while wings are the leaves that fall on the sky. The ear plugs with leaf pendant are like the wings just be with you. Angle has a pair of the most spotless wings in the world while leaves are the most unique entities in the world. There are body jewelry manufacturer no two identical leaves in the world. Believe that each leaf pendant ear plug you get is unique and only belongs to you.


Although only blooming in a season, leaves attached to the tree and depend on each other. Leaves have ever dressed up the piece of land with the tree. The growth of every bit of the grass can’t do without the hard irrigation of leaves. Leaves have no regrets to devote a lifetime of efforts to the tree. They take care of each other in the wind an rain only for a unexpected meet in the spring.


Leaves will fly away eventually. The last time to wave to the tree and gaze at those companions who are still busy rushing about the tree, leaves turn the full of sadness to the final blessing, then left and gone forever. The leaves leave for chasing the wind or not to be retained by the tree? However, leaves leave neither for chasing the wind, nor for tree never keeping. It’s all because its yearning for freedom.


Leaves are just like the fairies., representing the infinite vigor and vitality. The leaf pendant ear plugs with a crystal ball will be more beautiful and charming. Wearing this kind of ear plugs will give you a feeling of youth, vitality, vigor, beauty and freedom. They are also very suitable to be the gifts for lovers or friends.


The leave pendant ear plugs are suitable to wear in any seasons of the year and in a variety of occasions, which body jewelry supplies can show your different styles and make you be more attractive and charming. Leaves stand for the happiness and good luck. In China, the word “leaf” is a homophone for the word “career”,meaning your career will rapidly go up in the world.

The natural leaves may fall from the tree and fly away, but the leaf pendant on our ear plugs will never leave away. Get the ear plugs to witness the change of time and a heart of forever love.
Thanks for you attention. For more information about our new style of unique ear plugs, please feel free to contact us.

History of Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead is an interesting holiday celebrated in central and southern Mexico during the chilly days of November 1 & 2. They believe that the gates of heaven are opened at midnight on October 31, and the spirits of all deceased body jewelry manufacturer children (angelitos) are allowed to reunite with their families for 24 hours. On November 2, the spirits of the adults come down to enjoy the festivities that are prepared for them.


In this day , you will see a lot of image about sugar skull.

The term is most often applied to decorative or edible skulls made (usually by hand) from either sugar.

The most widely known sugar skull are created with cane sugar and are decorated with items such as colored foil,icing,beads,and feathers.


We Foshan Zesen Stinless Steel Jewelry Co., Ltd always stainless steel earring factory follow the fashion,design the best jewelry for you,so we make the acrylic skull ear plug body piercing jewelry.
Also can accept OEM ODM.

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