Why People Like to Wear Jewelry

This is an old saying in Chinese:‘everyone like to be beautiful.’That means people have demand of being beautiful. They use different ways to decorated themselves,like dressing up,making up and wearing jewelry.

Jewelry as one of the most important way to beautify ourselves, it can be trace back to 160,000 years ago.Archaeologists discovered people at that time take bone and stone as jewelry already.We body piercing jewelry factory can find out many trial people from all over the world also take the animal hide,leather,animal teeth, bones,feathers, shell and soon as jewelry decoration.Even our earlier ancestors take material from nature and handmade their own jewelry,so in our modern life,nothing can stop our step to pursuit beauty.


As above context,we know the main reason of why people like to wear jewelry is that we like beauty,so we adorn our bodies with jewelry.However, beauty is not the only function of Jewelry.

People also wear jewelry to show their social status.Everyone can buy a jewelry,but not everyone can afford expensive and luxury jewelry.Many rich or high position people like to wear luxury jewelry to show off their social status. Therefore,we can judge a person’s social status by his external decoration.

Last but not lest,it is believed that we can gain protection or keep healthy by some specific jewelry.For example,stainless steel jewelry wholesale in China,it is said that we have Yin Yang in our body, and we can wear some magnetic jewelry to balance our body.In western,some religious passionate about cross pendant.

Nowadays,as the development of the industrialization,our jewelry making become more and more professional too.We can classified our jewelry into two group,one is non-piercing,like earrings and body jewelry,the other is non-piercing jewelry,like necklace and bracelet.

Piercing Jewelry

As one of the most experienced stainless steel jewelry manufacturer in China,we offer a wide range of jewelry to all over the world,such as earrings,pendant,bracelet and body jewelry.Learn more about jewelry,welcome to browse our website and choose you own jewelry.


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