The Function and Effect of Garnet

The name of garnet comes from the Latin word “granatum”, meaning “seed”.After this kind of gem appearing in the word for a long time,it had all kinds of different names.However, those names have never been remembered by human civilization until there had a kind of fruit named pomegranate.

The garnet shows its warm and humid luster as well as its glittering and translucent color,coupled with its body jewelry manufacturer complex chemical component,various species and characters.It just like the rich and full pomegranate seed,so it is titled as “pomegranate stone”.

Garnet Ear Piercing

Garnet has a strong protective effect and is helpful to open all body energy center.It is an energy stone of Muladhara, which not only can strengthen people’s vitality, vigor and stamina,but also has the regenerative capacity to beautify people’s features and make them be younger.Garnet can give you full of strength to solve various matters and strengthen individual implement competence.It can enhance a person’s magnetic field,so that forming a good shield to prevent negative emotion.

Garnet Earring

Garnet’s crystallization is not big,and its crystal is born with much crack and mineral deficiency.Rose red garnet is most precious among all the red garnets.It has the beautiful attractive color and luster,which is worth wearing by elegant women.

Red can remind people of blood,and garnet has a stimulation on human blood circulation and hormone secretion.So it is good for people’s genital system and other relevant organs.

Garnet Jewelry

People in many countries body jewelry supplies regard garnet as the birthstone of January,which is a symbol of loyalty and love and virginity.In the East,purple garnet was chosen as a token of Royal.

Garnet Piercing

Garnet can give people an irresistible charm,happiness,confidence and eternal love,helping people fight against the sorrow and face the past sad memories.It can also increase people’s inspiration while thinking,avoiding the evil spirit. Therefore,it is become the protective stone of human beings that cannot be violated by external force.For those people who always stay up to work overtime,garnet can help them recover from tiredness and exhaustion.

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