How to distinguish between hand polish and machine polish

Usually,hand polish use Polish machine.

Motor fixed on the based ,fixed polishing cone sets are connected by screws and the motor shaft. Polished fabrics through the ring is fastened on the thrown disc, receiving power from a switch on the base of the motor after the start, he can put pressure on the sample on the rotating polishing polishing. Polishing process of polishing can be fixed to the plastic plate drainage pipes into place on the base plate next to the polishing machine. Polishing covers and cover prevents dust and other debris body jewelry manufacturer falling on the polishing cloth when machine is not in use and affect the results.

Body Piercing

The Advantage of hand polish are the items are very shining ,surface like mirror ,no scratches,stainless steel ear plug,flesh tunnel use hand polish.

The disadvantage is that need a long time,expensive.

Machine polish use the Spiral vibration polishing machine,put the items into the cylinder mounted in the spring (or bowl),open container,through a device the container around and up and down vibrations,so that body jewelry supplies the friction between the items and abrasive media.achieve the aim of polishing.

Ear Plugs

The Advantage of machine polish are very fast,can polish many items one time ,cheaper.

The disadvantage is that maybe have some small scratches in surface.

Small items like nose ring ,eyebrow piercing , labret ring , bcr ,tongue barbell,belly ring and so on can only polish by machine,because the surface is too small,can not handle by people.

When you know the principles ,advantage ,disadvantage of hand polish and machine,then you know how to distinguish between hand polish and machine polish.


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