Crystal Earrings-Have you heard about the meanings of Diamond jewelry

Flowers will wither, but gemstones are imperishable and continue to flourish. Legends that have been happened on every single jewel are reflected in life nowadays, telling the sweet oaths that have been ever said or unsaid by their masters. It seems to let the jewelry owners experience body jewelry manufacturer such a romantic love. Open your jewelry box and listen to those gem stories you’ve never heard of.

Crystal Earrings

Meaning:permanent oath and love
Representative flower:gardenia(permanent love and a lifetime of waiting)

It is said that diamond is the tears of God and the fragments of the stars falling to the Earth. The arrowhead of Cupid’s Arrow studs with diamonds, so it can be full of magic of love. The beautiful legend has expressed people’s unique emotion entrusted to the diamond.

For everyone, diamond means a dream, an ideal and an image. In China, many people body jewelry supplies believe that diamonds are not only a symbol of love, but also have the effect of maintaining love and can consolidate the marriage which is on the verge of rupture. Wearing this kind of earring will give you forever love.


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