Crystal Earrings-Have you heard about the meanings of Amethyst jewelry

Flowers will wither, but gemstones are imperishable and continue to flourish. Legends that have been happened on every single jewel are reflected in life nowadays, telling the sweet oaths that have been ever said or body piercing jewelry factory unsaid by their masters. It seems to let the jewelry owners experience such a romantic love. Open your jewelry box and listen to those gem stories you’ve never heard of.

Crystal Earrings

Meaning: the Oriental queen with the most noble light
Representative flower: winter cherry (oriental mystery nobleness)

It’s said that ancient Indians like according to the navaratna style to make nine treasures , one of them is topaz. Legend said that in ancient Indian battlefield, an officer put Topaz into the mouth of the dying soldiers, then the soldiers’ pain are mitigated and can keep alive until the coming of treatment.
Topaz is a symbol of peace and friendship, the November Birthstone, known as the “friendship stone”. It expresses that people are longing for the wishes stainless steel jewelry wholesale of the long-term friendly relations. The yellow topaz like the sunshine which can give a person warm and wisdom. Many ancient peoples regard it as an amulet. Allegedly, wearing it can eliminate people’s sad emotion, avoid evil and demons.


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